Thursday, November 13, 2008

Introducing myself

Hello fellow bloggers!! Just an intro note to all who may be interested. I am a pastor and church health consultant in south central PA in Lancaster County. I have an active mentoring ministry to other pastors and interested lay leaders in different Christian evangelical groups and denominations. I am also a licensed church health consultant with ChurchSmart Resources using the Natural Church Development (NCD) method.

I am very much interested in theological and leadership discussions in the ministry world. I would invite all who would like to converse to contact me.

--Carl Shank


Brent Stains said...

Great start Carl! Welcome to the world of blogging! May God bless your blogging so that in turn His message is heard loud and clear!

As one of your currently interested lay leaders mentioned in the post, I'd like to let others know how much I've appreciated your investment in me. My faith journey took a sharp turn within days of starting the time together. I never knew my Lord and Savior loved me so much until he made our paths cross!

I know I speak for more than myself when I say "Thanks! You've been great!".

P.S. - hmmm, the dog ate my homework. Can I have another week or month or so to finish? :-)

P.S.S. - before you click "post" remember, there's no eraser for the internet....

Carl Shank said...

Thanks, Brent! I continue to enjoy our learning and growing together!